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If you've ever wished for someone to take the golden-age RTS games from the 90's and scale them to include thousands of players, then look no furter! THRONES of WAR is a work-in-progress MMORTS that plays like a multi-player RTS game, but on a massive scale. We're geared up to be able to include thousands and thousands of players on a single server; each one able to build, mine, harvest and raze in the name of their chosen faction.

In TofW every player gets a starting outpost to call their home. And unlike the RTS games of yesterday, your outpost is persistant. What this means is that even if you have not logged in to play TofW in months, you can rest assured that your workers and structures will remain in tact, with no need to worry about your main outpost being destroyed while you were away.

There is currently a demo available which will take you through restoring the Factory Ruins and the Gold Mine Ruins. Free guest accounts are limited to the Human faction only. Purchasing this game provides you with an Alpha Key which can be used to create an account, giving you access to the Orc Faction, more structures, and a persistent outpost in this ever-changing MMO.

Current version: v0.0.2.4n

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* Guaranteed Alpha & Beta Access
* Credited as Founder & much more!

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* 7 day head start
* Guaranteed Beta Access
* Credited as Co-Founder & more!

EARLY BIRD - $19.99
* 3 day head start
* Credited as Support & more!

More details are provided via our website (link provided below). Join us in the Alpha stage of this unique MMORTS and get ready to make the most of your two-week head start!

Official website - http://thronesofwar.com/
Official twitter - http://twitter.com/thronesofwar
IndieDB profile - http://indiedb.com/games/thrones-of-war

* Note - this game is an MMO and requires an internet connection to play


Pre-order Now$29.99 USD or more

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